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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

One giant leap, I hold my breath and jump

It was a privilege and a delight to paint an oil painting on board of Bexhill Beach for Zoe and Dan's leaving present.
Zoe and Dan Smith oil painting gift.
Zoe has been a massive support to me as I have begun to make time to draw again and always has good concrete suggestions together with just plain old fashioned friendship and encouragement. Thanks Zoe!

Not to mention all the friends that chipped in and helped make it a matter of work for me as well as pleasure. Thanks for having faith in me. This is the more traditional aspect of me.

On the other hand I am beginning to break confidently right away from the traditional to a new place of form, surface, colour (a whole new palate, fantastic!) The last 4 commissions have given me confidence and the practise to get on with more personal development of my practise and to rely less on what others might think and more on my own instinct.
cuckmere haven
This has always been my prefered style but I have struggled to own it and defend it more completely until now. Its quite a strange time, one minute I feel quite vulnerable and the next when I make a break through I am elated. Even while creating work I find myself feeling nervous and then holding my breath as I see new possibilities emerge. This journey is very affirming and each step even the difficult ones tell me that it is my journey and worth making.

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