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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The rough and the smooth

Recent work from Blow, my studio on the south coast. 

Getting all my work out to select pieces from the last 6 months is a long and involved task for me, it involves clearing enough space in the flat occupied by 3 young boys, 1old boy and all their toys. Then laying it all out and grouping it into pieces that work together. This is the second time since January and not the last. I find it really hard but extremely useful to move forward every now and again. I will need to do this again in a few weeks to get work ready for my exhibition at in August/September and then later in preparation for in September. 

I decided to give my studio a name, 'Blow' is after my favourite artist Sandra Blow, it also reminds me of the frequent wind we get here right on the coast. Checking her out on the web I just found this trip round her studio...she has a few more chairs than I do...

I think she said once she didn't have the luxury of a family and her painting, for her it was one or the other. My guess is every woman artist would empathise with that.