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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

introducing me and my blog

This blog is part of my journey to find different 'ways of seeing', exploring art and experiencing new and challenging things or places. I am currently developing my practise as an artist, it is with this in mind that I blog my thoughts and emerging interests, exhibitions I go to, artists I come across people/places I find inspiring. Moments of clarity and moments of fog alike!

I read John Berger's 'Ways of seeing' as an art student years ago. Its a text that has stood the test of time and that highlights how culture has changed, for me its one of those books that I dip into and and get a sense of the shift in my lifetime of what role art plays in life. All art reacts to the culture in which it was made.

I find that I see nothing if I don't look. It takes effort to make progress but once you do it can feel like you're buzzing that's when you know you're alive and kicking.

I went to some drawing workshops a while ago at and was asked to draw without taking my eyes off the subject. It was terrifying but brilliant and was probably one of the single most influential moments in my creative journey so far. It taught me by example (the best way) that shutting off the left brain can open up amazing new ways of seeing via the right brain. Try it you will be surprised how accurate you can be with your brain communicating directly with your eye - no internal editor trying to skew what you are seeing - just what's there and your marks being made simultaneously. Obviously most people find it more comfortable to look now and again but if you practise you begin to find your own 'seeing time' this is the critical balance between not looking and looking to achieve freshness and accuracy.

By the way I also have a young family of 3 boys so they may feature now and again..

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