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Sunday, 5 June 2011

low cost original hand drawn logos and illustrations

Having met up with a friend who moved away from Bexhill this half term, I found myself drawing her a business logo and helping her come up with some business name ideas. Not something I thought I would be doing if anyone had asked me but it was quite fun. I might offer this service including illustration to a few friends to build up an idea of my own style and see where it goes.

Tracy is setting up a business using garra rufa fish to pedicure clients feet.  She has recently had a baby girl and wants some work to fit into her timetable as she looks after Phoebe and her two older boys. Tracy also runs her own business with her husband Andy .

The brief was to draw a classy looking foot with the little fish swimming around it.

She is going to use these as posters and flyers with her own text.

If you want a low cost original hand drawn logo or illustration then please get in touch with me. I am interested in potential business services swaps or the usual £'s regarding payment.

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