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Friday, 10 October 2014

Lookout Folkestone Trienniel 2014

These are the artworks that caught my eye at Folkestone, 
I would have had some of the wind lift,,
 had I been brave enough to let go of the side. 
I loved this interactive colour wheel to gauge the colour of the sea - its one of the permanent collection now from a previous Trienniel. 

Yoko Ono, Earth Peace. Good to see a big flag and the light transmitting morse code was like a silver disc on a grey background the day I was there. 

Will Kwan, Apparatus #9

Andy Goldsworthy and his cracking clay installation Clay steps and Clay window. 

an Old Gasworks transformed by Jyll Bradley, Green/Light 

There was so much more and it was great walking around the town seeing feeling and experiencing these artworks on location. No white cube fatigue just aching legs! 

Thanks to there was a fascinating talk with the curator Lewis Biggs featuring the relationships with local communities and placing the art works within them. 

Dark and derelict places can be transformed by the desire to place public artworks in them. Just like the corners of our houses that get ignored and piled up with rubbish - if we curate them and clear them they become spaces to go to, they broaden our footprint and our attitudes.