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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Drawing Closer

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My drawing practise 
I draw in order to see.  I want to see things more clearly, differently, to gain better understanding of surfaces, form, contrast and space. It slows me down and stills my urgency to record and develop ideas. Through the process of mark making I become physically and emotionally involved with my environment. This connection is important because it allows me to interpret what I see, to get beyond the immediate.
Drawing enables me to begin developing a visual language for identity both external and internal. This is a life long growing cathartic narrative of how I see the world and its objects; this is an extension of me. A visual story revealing and mapping my life.
I find it stimulating, challenging, exciting and frustrating. I cannot, not draw. I cannot create work without drawing, it focuses and strengthens integrity. Drawing is about being raw, open and honest. 
Wave series #10 and 11 are in Rye Art Gallery until 24th March.
Wave series  #10

Wave series #11