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Saturday, 7 May 2011

catch this slowly emerging thief!

All great ideas are stolen from someone else and I have a good friend and artist Victoria to thank for inspiring me to follow her example and get myself a mentor. I plucked up the courage and asked a friend and professional artist Colin Booth.

Simple but terrifying!

Now my commitment will be tested my soul will be laid bare and I run the risk of someone I respect giving me analysis of my creative development. How else will I be able to move forward?
I have this argument with myself often....

So to prepare for this I got the urge to clean up my work space and reclaim it from the usual deposits of family life, power drills, old computers, worn out trainers, rawl plugs etc.... Its a bit of art in itself actually this clean space is full of organised works and I can see my progression in some cases and links in work over many years in others. For example I drew the meandering curves of the river Okavango tributary in Botswana many times over about 6 years ago and now I find myself contemplating a similar piece for the Cuckmere project.


  1. Found you! Great start to regular blogging. Looking forward to seeing the Cuckmere work/

  2. Thank you for signing up to "follow" me too! Scary isn't it but also a lot of fun. I wish you well on the Cuckmere project.