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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

the seven sisters

There's a competition running for art work on and around Cuckmere Haven, Cuckmere is destined to return to the sea as its sea defences are left to the elements.

We took a chance and loaded the car with the boys, a picnic, flask of tea, sun hats and sun cream, raincoats and woolly jumpers, camera and sketch book.

I was using a family trip to explore Cuckmere Haven. It could have gone either way with 3 boys aged 2 to 7yrs and no prior knowledge of the area. So we drove off into the unknown, boiling in a car with a broken window stuck in the up position and the air con not working only to find the breeziest of walks and the most stunning of landscapes. As we crested the cliffs that roll up to Cuckmere Haven we were almost literally blown away by the beauty of the Seven Sisters majestically lining the edge of the land as it meets the sea. I sat with my 7yr old and we drew. It dawned on me this was a great moment of connection. Jago drawing opposite me on the same sketch pad from memory and me drawing looking at the seven sisters edging out before us.

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