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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Open Studios

Planning open studios for Coastal Currents Arts Festival 27th Aug to 30th Sept., we are using Kerry's in Bexhill. Need to look at calendar and work out how much space there is for work shared between Victoria and myself. How we can hang it without destroying Paul's walls and how many prints/postcards to get made also how to take payment she says optimistically!

So I have got organised and made a list.. whilst simultaneously realising that all this needs to be done across school holidays....ha ha some negotiating to be done with the conceptual artist known as Jim.

So we are planning an art trail around Bexhill, we will link in to anything that seems in line with what our work is like and of course we will have an opening night party way hey...

I will be looking for sponsors for our own publicity postcard - gonna ask Priceless, In perspective and of course Kerry's in the hope that one will say yes.

I am in two minds whether to show all new work for CC open studios... while I am deciding here's the latest drawings from the studio

I am quite excited about these drawings as they are showing (in my humble opinion a leap forward in maturity and confidence) I will be developing these and others into larger works throughout the summer. 

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