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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Artists: Prophets of the here and now.

Cuckmere Haven segments series represent for me
break through in style
freedom from others
a culmination of location work
journeying through image and memory, association and representation
experimentation with materials and refining technique
tension between the concrete and the abstract
interpretation of the above

segments 1 is the first finished piece from a number of sketches.

It references the chalk cliffs, the encroaching tidal water, the man made structures imposed to preserve the valley as it is seen now. the bold reflections of light on water and subtlety of chalk, the actual shadows and metaphorical shadows in peoples minds, the question of whether the valley's defences should be preserved as it has been  or left to natures gradual erosion and evolution of habitat. It is fluid and yet suggests a permanent stronghold.
Do we successfully control nature or are we controlled by nature?

What are our motives and how do we communicate them?

Do we like an image because it is pretty or recognisable or because of what it represents ie: its meaning?

Are we safer repeating the tried and tested traditions or should we pioneer forwards and be prophets of the here and now illuminating the future trend?

Segments series is about the colours, forms, space, movement, solidity, edges, shadows, reflections of the surrounding Cuckmere haven habitat. I have endeavoured to capture the wider impression of the spaces I encountered. throught the knowledge of the components that make the whole. fields, river, cliffs, light, sky, even cows.

In segments 2 there is a flow of fields, shadows stretching and dancing across just below the high horizon. From deep within the valley the ochre door inviting the viewer to step into or through to another place.

I have collated blocks, lines, patches, edited,  and rebuilt a new haven of my own. In doing so I have discovered a new palate and a new maturity and integrity in the process of finding the right fit. The paintings themselves have their own independent identity and their surfaces are yet another real dimension or layer of visual thought pattern.

segments 4:  bending water, broken flashes and blocks of light. Stopped only from pouring out by the white cliff end which in turn becomes the reflection and synonymous with the water.

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