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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Talking it up

Thinking big, believing in myself and just following a natural progression of drawing and developing ideas leads to a really positive growth. Something I can sustain and also something that others begin to believe too. It or I become more convinced and therefore perhaps more convincing. 

Drawing the boats at the sailing club is interesting because I have used the camera whilst walking around to 'see' and frame subjects. I particularly like the shapes and movement that directional lines of the masts makes. It lends itself to abstract work as do the rows of boats using just colour to block them in. 

What I should do next is to look at some other artists to help determine how to build these lovely little drawings into bigger work. 

I have moved the bedroom around to continue putting my work in the dominant. In theory its a great idea but it's a pain to do it. Now I have space but so little time to work in it....still I am always impatient.

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