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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Catching up after a binge of exhibiting!
Post exhibition thoughts: Cuckmere Haven, was a fantastic experience for me for my art and for my confidence as an emerging professional artist. Touches like being asked to drop off work and not having to hang it, the exhibition being curated by people with experience, being shown alongside artists of good repute and an Eric Ravilious on loan from the Towner - My work stood out and I sold one piece (the bottom right) on the first day so all in all it was a rewarding and positive learning experience. I felt really valued as an artist - both my work and as an individual.

Rye Contemporary Art Fair was great for making contacts as I got involved preparing the exhibition space - only possible because my parents were staying and able to look after Ed for a whole day. It was a hard job to decide what to hang and how to hang it - something I need to develop my skills in I think though I was pleased with the over all look of my board, 4x8ft is not massive! I paid a lot of attention to getting work framed and mounted very carefully and hanging it in line, straight and in groups of style.

so it went from this

to this:

and then to this:  mine's on the left. Plus Victoria lent me the king of all browers for the fair which caused more than a little browser envy from neighbouring artists!
I sold the three on the bottom right which is great - all to different people. It also shows that people who like my work can't always afford the bigger pieces and so I am thinking of producing some prints of the  3 paintings I exhibited at Cuckmere. Off to the giclee farm...for me

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