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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Trying out blosgy

As I trundle through life I find myself tackling things I thought I never would, such as blogging and now even using blogsy or as my IPad likes to call it this is an experimental post to help me get the apple to drop in the great IT orchard of my life.

Last week I was at the Towner with Ed and Wilf, we had a good look at the exhibition which is really interesting including a city of 10,000 till rolls and a tower made entirely of sugar cubes, the boys LOVED it!

We did stuff like this ( I hope there is an image here...!)

Then we had a fab hour or two in the (photo box?) room upstairs next to the cafe, there we cut and stuck and made busbys soldier hats and the boys marched around the towner in hilarious fashion.

I definitely need to be less serious about my work at the moment but as always there is a direct correlation to how much time I have and how constrained my approach becomes, so a bit of fun with the boys making stuff is brilliant and later jago insisted on painting alongside me on Saturday and he did some lovely Mark making with some watercolours

And my latest working of the boat sketches I did is this so far...

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