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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Poptastic Printing at the DLWP wk 2

This week we were printing using ink, sticks, brushes to achieve the blobby style of printing that Warhol was keen on using. By taping the top layer of paper to the bottom which had a sheet of plastic attached we could make marks with ink and build up prints covering and recovering keeping the exact same position on the paper.

I am using the triangular form to represent my sense on self identity in my current work. I like the solidity of a triangle but also the precarious nature of resting on a point.

Using self portraits or representations of ourselves as starting points we made 100s of prints!

"keep everyone" cried Leslie ....our poptastic printing tutor.
Leslie is one half of Aardvark on Sea. Based in St Leonards.

Here are a small selection. We presented our work by choosing one or a few prices and then explaining why and how we had arrived at the end image.

I love the crits at these sessions they are a great way to get used to articulating your visual language. A great tool for professional development.

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