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Friday, 3 February 2012

Printing at the DLWP 3

Printing 3

Bring in something of personal significance, a text or mirror for portrait or a drawing relevant to yourself.

Ink up table top for a nice big print!

Concentrate on getting a fixed register so you can get colour and subsequent prints off the same one.
Well with all that in mind I just about managed to bring something in! I brought in some drawings of wilf's. He's been drawing volcanoes for a while now and some of them are lovely. In my sketch book I am exploring triangles as a way of representing myself. A triangle is strong when on it's flat base but a triangle upturned on it's point becomes vulnerable and unstable, it needs to balance very carefully. Wilf's volcanoes are essentially two triangles.

I am still at the stage of just experimenting with print its been a long time since i printed much and the ink we had was very variable in quality so I got as far as one print each time rather than building up colours.

Apologies to the others on the course I completely forgot to photograph any work this week! So it's just my own. I'll catch up on the rest of the work on the next blog!

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