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Monday, 9 January 2012

Once upon a bathtime

I have decided to record what's left in the bath after the boys have had theirs everyday for an as yet unspecified period of time, inspired by the first shot which was of two naked action men appearing to be in balletic combat and a shark...

What struck me about this accidental pose was that they are rigid yet look animated, are they dancing? There is a tension in their proximity to each other and the position of the shark provides an angle of dangerous potential in their world of make believe narrative. Is the shark escaping from them or they from the shark? This is the world in which my children pass to and from with such ease and total concentration, alien to others. It's their release, their therapy. At the end of the day, a safe place where they act out incomprehensible stories and unspeakable acts of merciless domination over their subjects. It's completely natural and healthy, as adults we do it through films and gaming in one way or another.

As artists do we act out our narrative? It seems like therapy for me, I know I am definitely happier if I am creating something be it a story of marks, lines or colour or an idea to explore and discover.

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