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Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Triceratops stares out cyclops
I like this shot because it seems like the triceratops is the pet cat about to jump into the toilet bowl, but the toilet bowl stares back with an empty freshener eye.
The diagonals give it a grid like composition emphasising solidity and stability but simultaneously the idea of disappearing down into the U bend also gives a sense of passing through to another place ( no toilet jokes please! ) Two worlds connecting? Is this too deep for a photo of a toilet? Am I going to far with this?!

Dance of the dinosaurs.
The diplodocus and the T Rex are circling each other either in some bizarre mating ritual or preparing for a fight. They too have this relationship with the plug hole disappearing into another world though the impossibility of them traveling from one world to the next is obvious to us but not to the mind of a 3 or even 5 yr old if that's part of their narrative. We should try and re enact what it's like to have e freedom of imagination that children have now and again. As adults we are far too serious and dull.

Today I heard that Lego have brought out a range for girls, how thoughtful, have they not noticed that girls never had a problem playing with it anyway girls having similar bone structure and mental capacity in the form of HUMAN bodies to boys? Mini rant over, anyway, apparently they have now designed Lego with little people that lounge about on sun loungers around their pools and pink penthouses. So thanks Lego for encouraging our children to stop being imaginative and to start behaving like dull lifeless adults. Now that's what I call progress.

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