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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

East Sussex Contemporary Art Fair

Today I am thinking of how to display work for the East Sussex Contemporary Art Fair. On the back of having a portfolio crit from my mentor I am now able to make some better decisions regarding the framing and what to display though we both agreed an Art Fair is not like an exhibition so its anyone's guess what to show - more literal and perhaps more commercial things or the work that I want to be seen to be doing. Well here's a sneak preview of what I am thinking of:
Given I am trying to do this flat on the floor and some of the paintings are elsewhere its a start. But I have to commit and send the details off to the organisers this week so I have to go for it....
Its a problem bunching up work on a small format too - is it better to show  more at an art fair or is it aesthetically better to show less? is less more if you see what I mean.
 I have a lot I can put in the stands - they look fab mounted up properly. Plus I have made the mounts the right size to fit ready made frames....makes life so much easier for me at this stage.

Ok off to measure up now and get going on the admin for this...

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  1. Looking good! I took photos of your stuff on display at cuckmere if you want them