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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Identity- who am I?

A two way process

Messages travel outwards and towards

Movement and time

Perception of self and others perception of me

Edges meet and separate

Two sides can harmonise or jar

Two colours compliment and vibrate

Two colours appear dull and lack energy

It's not really about opposites although that can crop up as two sides are placed in relation to each other it's more about understanding the relationship between one side and another and identifying the space between. Understanding me.

A sliding bar representing me moves depending on who I am with, life experiences, context, emotion, confidence, skill, external influence, physical and mental wellbeing, affluence, cultural capital

The bar remains constant

Another way of representing this bar is a flag pole, looking directly to the Big Flag project I am working on as a source of creative identity at this time.

I am the flag pole and various flags fly from me depending on external influences as listed above.

Tension between external influence pulling at the pole in the wind, the pole must be placed with firm foundation and remain constant. The flags of influence vary in colour, texture, shape, weight, heavy burdens will hang down and need the strongest gust to fly sometimes these are the most rewarding to see, their rarity and struggle evident in the way they test the pole's strength the most.

During the process of developing the project I have strong feelings of exposure and vulnerability, being challenged constantly about choices regarding making my mark and staying true to my vision. Meeting opposition and other agendas face to face, not being pushed off track.

Potentially crushing personal experiences such as the threat of appearing unprofessional, accepting outside support and issues relating to communication or persuasion amidst hidden agendas, together with feelings of fear and inadequacy are tempered with overwhelming positive response and a deeper growing ownership of the concept. Finding the space where fear and confidence meet. Integrity and humour.

This is the visual journey of thought.

These last experimental images are about two sides coming together to create a larger sense of myself identifying the space between.

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