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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Checking out Warhol 9 orchid or alien?

Using photoshop to alter image, this was an orchid which I cropped and stretched then altered the colours on. One of the images flipped while I was working on it, due to my lack of experience! But I liked the way it just lined up with an arc into the next door image. I tried to repeat this but the layers on photoshop got the better of me in the time I had left!

Some of us worked on computers some on collage.

Firstly we looked at flower prints in the gallery, looking at colours, overlapping and edges. Small details say a lot about the feel or weight of an object. Warhol said a lot about the chosen image by NOT saying a lot! What do we leave out? I really like Davids blobby cut outs on blue, they are intuitive shapes he created which have a lively sense of movement and floating, petals, eyes, cells...lovely.

Focus on flatness and smoothness of Warhol's work. Looking at quality of line, the way see shapes, simplify.

Mine are the 'sale stickers' flowers, by using dayglo paper it gave a feel of cheap pound shop price sticker! The large pink and black positive and negative is also mine, more waitrose I think!

Task: Drawing with scissors looking at images of flowers, notice edges or take a small section. This made me
think of the silhouette artists in Montmartre who, in a few seconds can capture the profile of a sitter with scissors and black paper, try it, it's really difficult!

Task: altering an image using photoshop.
Using basic photoshop tools we edited images and experimented with colour changes and how they affected the viewers perception of the object.

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