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Monday, 5 December 2011

Checking out Warhol 10 - get the message?

Checking out Warhol 10

Portraits of others
Speed dating style
Looking at colours, emotional response, choice of number of colours. I thought I would try listing an emotion for all portraits in the gallery. As usual I am a bit over ambitious!
I got as far as the Mao series and found it quite a challenge recording for each my first emotion or impression the colours used and for what ie the background, the face, the shirt, highlights.

But by doing this I found it much easier when back in the studio to focus on those aspects of a face. I was really pleased with the portraits I did today and I think all of us felt like all the things we have covered in the last 9 weeks came together and we made some really authentic Warhol-ish portraits of each other. See photos I did Cheryl, Brenda and Sharon.

I have really had to focus on the message and quality of line in this course which has taken a while although I knew it in my head, actually doing it has been a challenge. I found my instincts are so strong to make certain marks and in a certain way that to use a limited number of flat and instantly unappealing materials was a good discipline and helped me move beyond the 'normal' for me.

This has been echoed through the need to fill in applications forms for the Inspire2012 Mark logo and funding for the Big Flag. Focus again has been key, communicating a message in a direct way. Also baring in mind what the particular Criteria are for that form. This is less important for art in progress because I don't have to worry so much what people think, however communicating the concept of a piece of public art has so fat been different and needs to be framed and delivered in the appropriate context in order to avoid confusion and hidden agendas challenging the original starting point or subject.

All art moves on through it's development however when the opinions of others have to be sought in order to gain permission or recognition from valued sources it becomes vulnerable to such dramatic change that it can be unrecognisable, then it loses vision, direction, clarity, purpose and ownership.

The location of the Big Flag is now under scrutiny and is being seriously challenged. My challenge is to hang onto my vision and to stand fast for the clarity and purpose of the public art piece at it's heart.

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  1. Like your blog! Are you coming to open house chaos 12.30pm Sunday? All v. welcome x