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Friday, 4 November 2011

Warhol week 5 Text art - I'm a leonardo man

Warhol week 5

This is a very scant post I'm afraid due to lack of time the pursuit of an major art installation called the Big Flag is occupying all available time and energy at the moment.
So this week we were looking at Text based artists

I shop therefore I am, Barbara Kruger

Tracy Emin, Richard Long, Gillian Wearing.

Jim has a good Gillian Wearing story where he was walking home from work in the city of London one day way back in 1996 when he was stopped by Gillian who was staging a shot of office workers behind her holding a placard, saying ' I woz (robbed) censored ' he then appeared in Dazed and Confused #25 (very apt for Jim) with Gillian, that's him on the far right.
In the shot they used the male model who was used for the Levis ad that she was protesting about.

Text based art, as with most art, I found to be deceptively simple to look at but difficult to create.

Incidentally we have just found an article on Catherine Yass ( recently showing her work at the DLWP) in the same magazine!

Cheryl brought in a lovely Louise borgeous tea towel with the words 'be calm'

Tracy emin had a joint show with her before Louise died. Louise and Tracy both used embroidery. Richard Grayson

Bob and roberter smith political activist

Activity today is to
Listen to the tapes installation on the top floor.
Pick up a thread or theme note some key statements
Hang around listening to what people are saying.
Then make a text piece.
Think about visually how text will look how much lots or not.

These are some of my notes from the tapes of John Smith and Blutal/Taylor and then of overheard snatches of conversation in the gallery.

'Andy being Andy'
Act of taping
Keep it Andy
It's all a work
I got a really good tape
The thrill of a tape
Time capsules
Th act of acquisition
The tape is his wife
An appendage of himself
Capture collect genius obsessive
Thinking aloud
Conversation is richer than text
The darling of wealthy women
He was an artist above all else
Focus through the ears
The voice
oh wow

Overheard in the DLWP
oh I like that
I don't know a lot about it
I saw it on the news
I want to go upstairs
Can I count these to make sure?
I don't think it will fit in there
I'm a leonardo man
I wouldn't buy this

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