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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Checking out Warhol week 6 how iconic is a cow?

Checking out Warhol week 6
Homework: choose a British animal and bring an image.

This was a practical session all through. We started by painting a strip of paper a typical Warhol-ish colour, I went for bright orange. Then we looked at the cow wallpaper in gallery 2

Gallery task:
Why the cow?
Draw a diagram, how does it repeat? is it mirrored, rows. Spaced out? Notice how many colours Warhol used, where is the image from, is it a photo or drawing? Are there any associations? How does it fit in with iconography with marylin or gilbert and george ? Making wallpaper: this was fun and everyone enjoyed it with some great results!

The cow paper repeats like brickwork (don't know the technical term!) he used pink and black on yellow. Keeping the cows framed so that you feel they have just turned round and seen you. There is a sense of movement and also stillness, I put that down to the rural tranquility of the idyll we think of when we see cows in the countryside rather than the hard work and constant functionality of the animal. Cows have been associated in art traditionally with lovely pastoral scenes Warhol breathes a breath of fresh farm air into the art world with this very functional product and non typical Subject matter. Giving the humble cow the icon treatment.

I chose a puffin.

There are loads of great works this week, but one worth a mention relating to last week is an embroidery made by Cheryl who is a fan of Louise Bourgeois this is her homage to Bourgeois.

Let's take a look in the Warhol wallpaper showroom 2011.

Sorry for the tardy post, it's been a heavy week for the Big Flag project. More to follow on that one!

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