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Sunday, 22 March 2015

How to write an artists statement

Colin Pink is an experienced play write and poet. He also works as a coach and curates. Colin’s  workshop ran for 3 hours and was an intensive experience looking at examples of statements good and bad. This helped us to think about what comes across in the subtext of our statements and in what context our statements are read and understood.
A detailed visualisation created a place from which to start writing along with some simple rules that improve form and style and we had to actually sit and write… After a bit of a panic I got down to it and incredibly made a huge cognitive shift in my own understanding of my practice. Up to now I had been drawing  in the landscape in black and white and had always stated that upfront, here I realised that my work is becoming more about depth, this enabled me to imply what my work was about without stating the obvious. This has given me and my statement much better impact and clarity.
It is still a work in progress but I feel now I can say confidently
‘My work is about depth. Creating pieces inspired by landscape I build up surface repeatedly covering and exposing ideas.
Patches flood with black pigment and charcoal lines over gesso ground, defining boundaries both real and metaphorical.
I feel connection during the making process, this energy underpins the strength and powerful nature of vulnerability. ‘
The workshop is being repeated in October at Jerwood Gallery Hastings. I really recommend the investment.

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