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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Gravity's edge

I went to see this exhibition at the Hirshhorn in Washington DC - it made me think about the nature of relationship in art, since running a drawing workshop and of course being part of many myself, I have been struck by just how important relationship is both in the context of subject to subject / artist or in a group of people mark making together. 

How can u capture a semi uncontrollable process like Lynda Bengalis pouring pigmented latex shown here on the floor ... 
And Sam Francis 'untitled 1967' edge painting on the wall 

Where does a painting stop and the wall/floor begin?

Relationships raise questions and fuse connections. 

Morris Louis 'delta theta' He was interested in the rawness of the blank space - this as opposed to the rawness of a wall which is outside of the painting edge...they have different blank qualities in this case because of the framed edge and the tension of space created by the paint. 

Helen frankenthaler 'Indian summer ' 

Paul Jenkins 'blue balls ' 'phenomena series'

More workshop ideas - having visited a lot of space rockets in the US and almost witnessed a rocket launch (cancelled 45 mins before take off due to a helium leak) ....gravity and directional marking is evolving as a new theme.

Using liquids and surfaces, movement and gravity, create and semi control marks whilst considering relationships and edges. 

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