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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Shed-ding light on a new work space

I have been contemplating how I can finance a garden studio (a shed to most people). From researching several varieties of sheds it seems that a potting shed might do the trick as long as I insulate it, put a skylight in the roof, get some electrics to it and put a tap in the garden. (I would love to throw some old palettes together but just don't have the skills, time or physical build to do it methinks). All this is very possible but will cost over £1000. So after a meaningful discussion over the bathroom threshold with the software designer we decided I must sell work in order to finance the project... In my defence I have already begun with 3 exhibitions in Lewis and Eastbourne most notably the Towner Gallery cafe where I have sold this one so far.
But the niggling question 'what if nothing else sells?' remains and thus a strategy was born fuelled by a need to have a better place to work away from washing draped everywhere and the usual family detritus  Using my status as a Jerwood shortlister this year, I am pursuing contacts and galleries which I think will be suited to my work. 

My first research trip to Rye Art Gallery was very positive and Sarah was very warm even remembering my name and work from the Rye Contemporary Art Fair back in 2011. She was willing to set a date to look at my work despite being in the middle of curating two shows and expecting a new grandchild. 

The plot for a potting shed thickens: now I am having a studio sale to raise shed funds on 24/25th November 2-5pm in Bexhill, have been accepted into axisweb so now have this webpage, I am looking into crowd funding and an arts council hear goes

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